Monday, October 5, 2009

Enough With the Complaining Already

Since SingTel won the rights to broadcast English Premier League (EPL) matches, most Singaporeans have been crying bloody murder. Currently EPL matches are broadcasted on Starcable cable and with the switch to Singtel, football fans will now have to subscribe to SingTel's mio TV.

Not only do Singaporeans have to fork out money to get a new system, we also have to pay more for the football as there is a likely price increase. Rumors are that Singtel is likely to charge $40 for the football channel as they are rumored to have paid $400 million for a 3 year right to show the EPL. That’s $133 million per year!

So it’s highly likely Singtel will charge a high price for the football channel and football-mad Singaporeans will either have to pay the price or give up watching soccer. Even in money-mad Singapore, I believe most football-mad Singaporeans will foot the bill to get their football fix.

SingTel won the rights to broadcast the EPL matches. To watch Singaporeans need to get SingTel's mio TV. And the reason SingTel was willing to pay such a high price for the rights to broadcast the EPL matches is because they believe that in the end most Singaporeans will pay whatever the price they set to watch their beloved football.

I believe they are right.

So Singaporeans should stop complaining already. If you are that upset about the price increase, then you should do what I will be doing; forgoing EPL from next season onwards. Yes, there will not be any monthly EPL review from next season onwards as I will not be getting mio TV. I have Starhub and I’m not changing because mio TV is lousy. My sister and her husband actually had a free mio subscription, but they gave it up after a few months because they say it wasn’t user-friendly and there’s wasn’t much programs on it.

So for Singaporeans angry about SingTel winning the rights to broadcast EPL matches, stop complaining already. Your choice is clear. Either pay the new fees to see your football or forgo the EPL. Stop whining and make your decision.


Anonymous said...

i agree. i will be doing the same too!

tiger4™ said...

I forgo Starhub sports channels a few years ago. Maybe you should consider going for online streaming. Quality will not be as long but still watchable. Been doing that every since I cancel the sports channel ;)

Ghost said...

quality is very important for me. If I watch a live match, I want it to be as good as possible. Online streaming isn't for me I'm afraid

Zenebi said...

My parents were silly enough to have tried the free mio TV too and like your sis, it was canceled the moment the contract lapsed. I was trying to teach my parents how to use it but was stumped by it right from the beginning. In the end, it was only turned on for about 1hr on the day it was installed and was never touched again.

I guess getting the EPL broadcast is one of the ways to boast sales of a lousy product. Good to know that you are not going for it coz I have my doubts about the quality of the broadcast.

Ghost said...

I haven't heard any problem with the quality of the broadcast but a lot of people say that it is not user-friendly and that may be a huge problem for Singtel.