Saturday, October 3, 2009

Overlord 2

The first Overlord game was a fun, if slightly flawed, game. There’s just something fun about being an evil overlord bringing darkness to the world. You do it by ordering your goblin-like minions about and building a Dark Tower to spread your evil. There were some problems in targeting and camera controls but ultimately it was a fun game.

I was looking forward to Overlord 2 and after playing it; I will have to say that Overlord 2 is fun but like the first Overlord, slightly disappointing.

All the fun aspects of Overlord are here. You start off weak and as the game progresses…you stay that way! The minions are the ones who do all the work and like the first game, the minions are funny and fun to control. You do missions, built up you Netherworld Tower, collect mistresses (3 of them), and destroy the Glorious Empire, bringing evil back to the land.

However just as the fun parts of Overlord are in the game, the faults of the first game are here too. At times, it is still a pain to target objects. When there are a lot of enemies around, the best way is just call your minions to destroy and kill everything. Targeting specific objects or enemies at those times are just a waste of time. The developers did improve the camera but at times I still can’t move the camera to the direction I want to look at. There also no differences conquering through domination or destruction. Very disappointing as I was hoping to conquer the elves and sent them against the humans of the Glorious Empire; what could be cooler than sending one enemy against another.

However my biggest complain about Overlord 2 is that it is just too similar to Overlord. So similar that at times I feel like I was playing an expansion and not a sequel. Despite my misgivings, I will still recommend Overlord 2. The missions are for the most part fun to play (the mission to collect the green hive was the best in my view) and at certain points you even play as a minion to complete the mission. Overlord 2 is flawed but it is still fun. Afterall, how many games out there allow you to collect a harem and spread evil?

If you are still wondering about Overlord 2, then I suggest you can get the first Overlord game. If you love the first game, you will love Overlord 2. If you hate the first game, nothing in Overlord 2 will change your mind. That ultimately is the best, and the worst, part about Overlord 2.

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