Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hardly LTA's Fault

A transport survey in Singapore of some 10,500 households has shown that despite efforts by the Singapore authorities to get more people on public transport, the percentage of Singaporeans using public transport has actually went down. The survey found that 59% of respondents used public transport last year, down from 63% in 2004.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) says that this is due to a lack of major infrastructural improvements in public transport during that period. Sorry but the LTA is wrong here. There’s no lack of major infrastructural improvements in public transport, just try driving along Cross Street and see all the MRT construction there. The biggest elephant in the room is the population explosion in Singapore.

Singapore’s population grew these past few years. For the past few years, Singapore has accepted more than 100,000 foreigners per year and much like the housing problems Singapore is currently having, the population growth has exceeded the public transport capacity and that’s why the percentage went down instead of up.

With all the new Masterplan by LTA, all the new traffic schemes like Mandatory Give—Way to Buses, or all the new MRT lines coming out like the Downtown Line, the percentage of Singaporeans using public transport should (in theory) go up instead of down. The fact that it went down instead has nothing to do with LTA and more to do with the Singapore government’s policy as a whole.


Anonymous said...

No's because more and more PRCs are using bicyles instead of bus... =P

Anonymous said...

LTA sux. trains sux. buses sux. once again proves the ppl that open their mouths are those that DONT take public transport. coz if you do, you will know why the percentage went down. go take one during peak hr and u know what i mean.

CK said...

I don't quite agree as most PRs would normally take public transport, at leaset in their first few years here. With increased PR intake, the % using public transport should go UP, assuming Singaporean preferences remain. Just shows Singaporeans/long-time residents are taking private transport even more IMHO.

Ghost said...

Actually, it would go the other way. As more PRs take public transport, the amount of people taking public transport goes up. However we are talking about % here. As more people take buses (for example), Singaporeans who would normally take the bus choose another type of transport as buses become more crowded. So unless the amount of buses are increased, less % of Singaporeans are taking the bus.

Anonymous said...

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