Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Exclusive Rant

Coming in October, Grand Theft Auto IV: Stories from Liberty City (featuring The Lost and Damned & Ballad of Gay Tony); exclusively on Xbox 360.

This ad just gets to me. What are all these exclusive deals game developers have going these days? I remember in the past game developers aim for their games to be on as many platforms as possible; Xbox, PS, Nintendo, even PC.

These days there are more and more of these exclusive deals and gamers are the poorer for it. Take Fable 2 for example. Everyone says that the original Fable played better on the PC than on the Xbox, but Fable 2 is Xbox exclusive.

Now I know game developers got some sweet deals going exclusive on 1 system but I can’t understand what good it does anyone making Fable 2 Xbox exclusive. Putting Fable 2 means lower sales because people without an Xbox360 can’t play the game while no one is going to go buy an Xbox360 just to play Fable 2. It’s Fable people, not Final Fantasy.

Gamers can’t play the game, developers get lower sales, and console sales get no boost. So what good are exclusive deals for?

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