Tuesday, November 3, 2009

APEC Rejections

This is why I don’t understand why Singapore bothered to hold summits like for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). With only a few weeks to go before the summit, Singapore has again turned away potential protestors from entering Singapore.

This is no surprise as everytime there is such a summit in Singapore, the Singapore authorities start rejecting people from entering the country for no reason. This time 2 Falungong followers were denied entry into Singapore despite the pair having made frequent trips to Singapore before. Now they may say that all requests to enter the country would be treated fairly, but it is something no one believed and the evidence is against it.

I just don’t understand why the Singapore authorities are so afraid of a couple of civil groups. I mean everytime they start to reject people from entering Singapore ahead of events like the APEC summit, it make Singapore look very bad. Has everyone forgotten about the embarrassment a few years ago when Singapore rejected people from entering Singapore for the IMF meeting? Has nothing been learned about the incident?

I guess not.


Anonymous said...

IMO, i think you are the one who dont get it... Since day one Singapore has been about the results, not the journey, it is about economic results.

They dont care for the cause of protest, be it green peace or Falunkong, they are more concern whether the delegates have a GREAT time here.


Ghost said...

Exactly! It's about FACE, but what face do we have when the world is laughing at us for denying these people from entering Singapore. Worse, we don't even bother to come up with an excuse for it

Anonymous said...

This is the sole reason why I love this country. This defines the charactor of singapore. NO nonsense. and damn right! why give an excuse... deny them entry because they can! I love it. no false pretences...

Ghost said...

and the laughter grow louder by the minute

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous ...the day we ban chewing gum being sold, I was so amazed. I said that will get the world laughing at us. That took guts. And i just plain love it. No sarcasm intended. We dare to be different. I hate chewing gum. The day we listen to the softies in Singapore ... who are weak minded and utterly face conscious(i mean saying we would be laugh at ... aren't you not aware of what you just said, you just implicated yourself)will be the day i emigrate.

I know the agenda of our government, it is results ! If they fail, well lets kick them out and get our money back (except for LKY and old guards, we should give them billions)

These alien "groups" -- they are not thinking about making Singapore a better place.

So I say don't let them, and kick them out if they do.