Monday, November 23, 2009

Weird Creatures of The Oceans

With a huge meeting on climate change in Copenhagen next month, it’s great to see how diverse our world thoroughly is. An update on a 10-year census of marine life showed creatures like tentacled transparent sea cucumbers, primitive "dumbos" that flap ear-like fins and tubeworms that feed on oil deposits.

Tubeworms feeding on oil! Wow! Is that weird or what?

These creatures live in the oceans depths below 656 feet, the point where sunlight ceases. In the past, it is thought the few life-forms lived in the depths of the ocean, but about 17,650 species has now been recorded there. Once the census is done, three books will be published with one of them on the biodiversity of the oceans. With a binding agreement in Copenhagen between slim to none, books would be the only place we would ever see these weird creatures again.

I’ll be looking forward to the books.

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