Sunday, November 15, 2009

Powerboat vs Fishermen

Last year a futuristic powerboat called "Earthrace", managed to go around the world in just under 61 days. It was a new world record.

The super-fast, space-age vessel is going to go from world record holder to… harassing Japan whalers? As unbelievable as it sound, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It seems that “Earthrace” will be used to pursue Japanese shipping boats and stop them spearing whales during their annual hunt in waters off Antarctica.

Now I’m all for saving the environment but to use a multi-million dollar powerboat against fishermen? So on one side, you have fishermen trying to make a living; on the other, you have a multi-million dollar powerboat. Uh…wonder how that’ll look on TV?

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Anonymous said...

The rich always want to bully the poor. Why? Because they don't want the poor to take away their cake and become rich. Therefore, in the history of man-unkind, those who are rich will always want to get richer and also depriving others from becoming rich.

Not only that.

The rich, in order to get rich and richer, will always exploit or make use of the poor to produce wealth for them.

This the cunningness of man, similar to the animal world of the strong bullying the weak.

The only thing that will bring equality is DEATH.