Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beyond My Understanding

I will fully admit there are some things in the world I just do not understand. Sometimes, these are things I also know I have no chance of ever understanding. The feelings and thinking of women is one, and now it seems the law is another.

That’s what I believe when I read that the ex-CEO of Ren Ci Hospital, Ming Yi, has been sentenced to ten months jail. Ming Yi, a monk, and his former assistant Raymond Yeung were convicted last month of falsifying Ren Ci payment vouchers, involving an unauthorized loan of S$50,000 made in 2004 to the Mandala Buddhist Cultural Centre, a religious artifact shop managed by Yeung.

The district court sentenced Ming Yi to ten months jail while Raymond Yeung got nine months. I just do not understand this. Raymond Yeung was the one who falsify the records; he was the one who took the money. When Ming Yi found out, he covered up for Yeung in return Yeung was to return the money back to Ren Ci Hospital. Ming Yi never took any money, so how come he got more jail time than the guy who took the money?

The prosecution even said that Yeung put the money to "frivolous" use to renovate a friend’s flat in Hong Kong and Ming Yi’s lawyer argued that Ming Yi did not personally profit from the loan to Yeung. So Ming Yi didn’t take the money, he did not profit from it, but he got more jail time than Yeung?

I have no chance of ever understanding the law.

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