Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Amazing Race come to Singapore!

In Singapore, the most popular reality show is not American Idol or Survivor but the Amazing Race. So when the Amazing Race came to Singapore on its latest season, there was great curiosity here.

As expected from Singaporeans, there were complaints about what was shown. The biggest complains were; the tasks were easy, no showing of the multi-cultural aspects of Singapore, too many shots of tourist attractions…

I say, “Come on Singapore, what do you expect?” Frankly I didn’t find the episode all that bad. The one last week in Malaysia was better, more exciting but this episode isn’t too bad. Okay, I’ll give you that the task at the ASL shipyard and the Mega-Zip task at Sentosa were totally unnecessary, but I thought the ‘Fast Forward’ at the Singapore Flyover was okay and I enjoyed seeing 2 teams trying to sell ice-cream at Bugis. If nothing else, the episode shows just how friendly and helpful out taxi-drivers are.

Not the greatest episode of the Amazing Race we’ll ever see, but it’s hardly the worst. Not to mention, it’s much better than the first time they came to our shores…remember Phua Chu Kang?

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