Friday, April 30, 2010

Comics this week

X-Force #26- The deaths continue in “Second Coming”. Unlike the death of a relatively minor character in X-Men Legacy, this issue features the death of a major X-Man. In a way, I could see the death coming as he was in bad condition, however I’m more interested in the tactical aspect of the death. I won’t say who it is till a later post but the X-men depended on him in a big way. Its ironic Hope may be a messiah because with her here the mutant community is losing members left, right and centre. Outside the art, I found this to be a good issue. Not to say Mike Choi's work is bad, but I’m just not a fan of photo-realistic art. It might be okay in an art book but not in a comic book.

Green Lantern Corps #47- As the epilogue to "Blackest Night", Green Lantern Corps #47 is both a satisfactory read and at the same time a massive disappointment. Good points: most of the Green Lantern Corps beginning to rebuild their lives. The planting of the memorial tree on Mogo was a high point, Kilowag’s leave of absence as GL trainer, Kyle’s and Guy’s mission to rebuild the GL memorial building and bar, even the Guardians admitting their mistake on the Third Law of Oa. All good! Bad points: where are the other Lanterns? What are the rest of the Corps doing? What plans does Sinestro have for his Corps? What are the Blue Lanterns doing now that they had lost both their Guardians? Is Carol Ferris going to stay with the Star Sapphires? Surely these are more important than the rebuilding of Guy Gardner's bar? Not a bad issue but as an epilogue to "Blackest Night", this was a disappointment.

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