Friday, April 23, 2010

Comics this week

X-Men Legacy #235- The surprisingly good “Second Coming” X-crossover continues its good form as the X-Men tries to catch up to Cable and Hope again. The best thing so far in the crossover is how the X-writers have been able to give good screen-time to all the various teams. Team Alpha may be the foremost team so far, but the writers did not forget about the New Mutants fight against Cameron Hodge and Cyclops and Bastion’s moves and countermoves duel at their headquarters. Loss is the name of the game as the action move up a notch here. Both sides suffered casualties and good character moments made you feel that the deaths exactly meant something. After the nonsense that was “Messiah Complex”, “Utopia”, and that “Blackest Night” rip-off, it’s good to finally see a good X-crossover. Hopefully, “Second Coming” can continue to be a pleasant surprise.

Nova #36- After a few issues where Nova coasted along due to the “Realm of Kings”, the series finally got back on its feet. Richard Rider and Darkhawk return to Project Pegasus where they face off against the alternate universe version of Quasar we last saw in Realm of Kings #1. I’m no fan of Project Pegasus but I like this sexual tension between Rider and Dr. Eve Necker. The running battle between Nova and Dark Quasar was nothing to shout about but this issue sets the stage very well for “The Thanos Imperative” next month. Like Guardians of the Galaxy, this series will be stopped due to the “The Thanos Imperative” and may be cancelled. I hope Marvel will not do that. Nova does NOT belong to the Secret Avengers, he belongs in space and I hope Marvel will not change that.

Guardians of the Galaxy #25- With Martyr really dead this time (I think), the Guardians now have to deal with the newly reborn and very piss-off Thanos. As the previous Avatar of Death before Martyr, Thanos truly show his form this issue as he just destroyed Sacrosanct, the homeworld of the Universal Church of Truth. It’s great to see the whole team of the Guardians back together and the meeting between Cosmo and Rocket Raccoon was great. This is a good buildup to the upcoming “The Thanos Imperative” event series but personally I dislike the stopping of the series. It sounds like the Guardians of the Galaxy may be cancelled and frankly I hope Marvel will not do that. Their cosmic titles are about the best thing they have at the moment.

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