Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ban the Soundbite

After the Brisbane River overflowed and flooded the city of Brisbane, an Australian official said that the flood is a "one in a hundred years" event. Singaporeans would probably have heard of the soundbite before. I wish people would stop saying this "one in a hundred years" stuff.

The reason is because it will NOT be a "one in a hundred years". Climate change scientists has warned the flood that Australia suffered will happen again...and soon. Probably not next year when La Nina ends but will it return in a few years, so will the floods.

So the "one in a hundred years" soundbite; it should be banned from use! The way climate change has messed with the weather, it may be less than a decade before we see the floods again.

Let it not be said the Aussies don't have a sense of humor

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