Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Overboard

Despite what Americans feel about the game, football has always been known as a man’s game. Sexism and chauvinism has always been in the game so it’s no surprise that some players from the older generation believe that women have no place on a football pitch.

Unfortunately for Andy Gray and Richard Keys, they were caught joking about it. Both Gray, a former Scotland international striker, and Keys are presenters on Sky Sports and were off the air when they joked about Sian Massey, a female linesman who was in-charge of the game between Wolves and Liverpool last week.

The jokes were crude, tasteless and frankly, not even funny. Unfortunately for both of them, even though they were off the air, their microphones were still on and what they said was caught on record. The backlash cost Andy Gray his job on Sky Sports while Richard Keys has been suspended.

Now I heard what was said by both of them, and while they were crude and tasteless, I feel firing and suspending them is going overboard. They were joking off the air! Even if you think they weren’t joking, I don’t think it matters. They were off the air. Getting fired for remarks you make privately to a friend is nonsensical. They are football presenters, not politicians!

Despite the bad jokes they made, Andy Gray and Richard Keys should not be fired or suspended from their jobs. They made their jokes (or comments if you want) privately, not to the public.

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