Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Too Many Nominations

Looking at the Oscar nominations today, and I have to say one thing; there’s too many Best Picture nominations. Now this is this year’s list for Best Picture:

- Black Swan
- The Fighter
- Inception
- The Kids Are All Right
- The King's Speech
- 127 Hours
- The Social Network
- Toy Story 3
- True Grit
- Winter's Bone

Now out of the 10, I have only watched The Fighter and Inception so I can’t comment on the quality of the rest but having 10 nominations for Best Picture is just too many. I know the Academy did this because for some reason the “Dark Knight” was not nominated for Best Picture last year but having 10 nominations is ridiculous.

This year Christopher Nolan was not nominated in the Best Director category even though “Inception” is up for Best Picture. And how was Melissa Leo not nominated for “The Fighter”? She was great in the movie and even won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

In short there’s no need for more nominations, but a way to ensure people who should be nominated have a nomination.


Natalie said...

Well, that way it can say "nominated for" on the DVD jacket, right? 10 is FAR too many, and the movies are so diverse, I have no idea how the judges will be able to sort through them.

Ghost said...

They will just vote for the ones they have already seen. Personally I doubt they would have watch all 10.