Friday, January 7, 2011

Vaccine Against Alcoholism?

Chile made news last year for the heroic rescue of trapped miners. Now they intend to make news again by developing a vaccine against alcoholism. Chilean researchers said that they have developed a vaccine against alcoholism and would being human testing in the coming year.

Now I know alcoholism is a problem for many. Throughout the world, many people are affected by it but do we really need a vaccine against alcoholism? Instead of spending money to make a vaccine that neutralize the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, how about doing it the old fashion way; just stop drinking!

It’s not impossible. I know of a family member who was drinking 3-4 bottles of beer per day, 7 days a week for years. Perhaps not surprising he got liver problems and was ordered by the doctor to stop drinking. It wasn’t easy but he did stop and now his liver is okay.

No vaccine needed, just plain old fashion willpower. How about researchers just stop making vaccines for these problems which don’t need vaccines? We have things like HIV, AIDS, various types of cancer; make vaccines for these diseases. Alcoholism? Come on.

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