Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Price Of Glory

Anyone who saw a rugby match can easily tell that rugby players are big, tough guys. They have to be because rugby is a FULL CONTACT SPORTS with capital letters all the way.

With the Rugby World Cup starting later this month, the best players in the world are gearing up for tough competition. They are eating right and training hard to give themselves the best possible chance of lifting the trophy and becoming world champion. However for one player the biggest problem is not dieting or training but…tweeting!

New Zealand winger Cory Jane, publicly admitted that he was suffering from severe withdrawal pangs after the management of the New Zealand team imposed a ban on tweeting till the end of the World Cup. Jane says he is a tweeting fanatic and is battling his withdrawal via a loophole in the rule. The ban is on tweeting so he doesn’t tweet but he does check his account once every 10 minutes just to see what people are writing about.

Just when you thought you heard of every addiction there is, here’s one more! Blood, sweat, tears, and a ban on tweeting; the things you do to be world champions! Bravo, Mr. Cory Jane, Bravo!

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