Friday, June 29, 2012

Comics this week

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #10- In a story that several other corps had already gone through, The Blue Lanterns lost both their homeworld and central battery. Hope springs eternal and the Blue Lanterns’ refusal to surrender impressed even their enemies. Sheer numbers however meant it was impossible for them to win and Kyle, after much persuasion, finally managed to convince Saint Walker to abandon the battle. What I really liked about this issue was how much more like a team the New Guardians are becoming. Arkillo and Fatality went to help Saint Walker without question and at the end, the team is coming together.

Justice League #10- For the first time, the Shazam back-up story got the better of the main story. Thank Black Adam for that. The introduction of Black Adam was great, with “BAD-ASS” written all over it. In recent years Black Adam had eclipsed Captain Marvel in both popularity and acclaim and in his one page appearance this issue, he showed everyone why! Now if you noticed that I haven’t got into the main JL story yet, the reason is simple; there’s not much to talk about. The main issue was on how new super-villain got into the JL Watchtower and took out the team with…magic I think. Frankly, it was hard to get into the story as not much is known about Graves yet. I mean writer Geoff Johns gave us some background to the guy before he became Graves but his hatred for JL still does not make sense. Hopefully more info will be revealed in further issues.

Star Wars: Blood Ties – Boba Fett Is Dead #3- I just knew it! Boba Fett had a daughter and Conner Freeman realized he is in a heap of trouble with the information. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Chris Scalf continued their good work although I do feel that this issue does not match up to the previous issues. Certain scenes seemed rushed and I can do without the senseless cameo from Darth Vader. Overall however, I still like this series and I am looking forward to the finish.

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