Friday, June 22, 2012

Storm Legion

Of all the major MMORPG out there, RIFT is one of the few I had never tried. A surprise hit, the game has been steadily making money for Trion Worlds and the game is going to come out with its first expansion later this year.

And they are making sure gamers have no excuse not to try it out. Trion Worlds will package the expansion, Storm Legion, along with the original RIFT game. Yes, the full version of RIFT will come along with the expansion.

I will admit, I don’t really have an interest in RIFT but with this piece of new, I might seriously consider entering the game. I just need to pick up the expansion and I get to experience both the core game and expansion for one piece. Now that is great!

The inability to get the full game is one of the reasons why I never got into games like World of Warcraft or Eve Online; there’re just too many expansions to buy. Those guys at Trion World are thinking of getting more players to give RIFT a try with this sales tactic and I think it will work. I, for me, will seriously think of buying Storm Legion when it comes out. 


Gar said...

I played Rift for about a year. It was a surprisingly fun game. Once I got over the uniqueness of it though, it was disappointingly like World of Warcraft in its grind.

Of all the games I've played in the last 5 years, I find myself wanting to go back to Rift more than any other. Age of Conan second. The way Rift did classes and souls was very cool. If you could just behead people like in Age of Conan.

I'm still playing Star Wars now, but I'm about to hit the burn out wall. I can feel it. I'm going to try "The Secret World" Beta this weekend.

Ghost said...

Surprised you are still playing SWTOR, Gar. Played me myself for about 4 months and finished the Consular and Bounty Hunter stories. Don’t understand all the hate for the game; it was pretty good though I probably would only go back after a few more updates. Good luck on the TSW beta. I got an invite too but I dislike doing beta and well…TSW seem too much like a niche game to me.
I truly hope more companies will do what Trion Worlds is doing and packaged their whole game together. Maybe then I can give WOW a try.