Monday, June 25, 2012

The Surprising Man

So Turkey is furious at Syria for shooting down one of its military jets and threatening to get NATO involved by summoning a NATO meeting. There’s only one problem with all that indignation.

The fighter jet was in Syria.

That is just the long and short of it. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t armed, that it crashed in international water, or that the Turks claim it was only on a reconnaissance mission. The jet was at least 1 km into Syrian airspace.

I personally do not believe this was an accident. I think the Syrians knew exactly what they were doing. It’s an open secret that the Free Syrian Army is based in Turkey and launching attacks into Syria from there. It’s only logical Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will response in some way to that.

This was his response and though I’m no fan of his regime; it was a smart one. Despite all the talk from America, Britain and Turkey; no one is disputing the jet was well within Syria. The Syrian government will point to that as an excuse and despite everyone knowing otherwise, it is a fact no one can dispute.  

The gauntlet has been thrown down by Bashar al-Assad. He is telling the world that he has no problem exporting the Syrian conflict to other countries if push comes to shove and this in many ways is very surprising. A lot of people, including me, didn’t think much of the man and thought he will fold. 

He hasn't!

He has proved to be stronger and more ruthless than anyone gave him credit for. Frankly, a lot of people underestimated him. So everyone better bunker down for a long civil war in Syria. And start praying it does not become a regional battle.

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