Thursday, September 20, 2012

Comics this week

Artifacts #21- After a few issues, the character of Dr. Rachel Harrison has slowly come into her own. Not only that but we also get to get a glimpse of what the Heartstone could actually do. I like the more mystical ability of the stone and I like the idea writer Ron Marz has to differentiate the powers of the various 13 artifacts. I can’t argue that the "Phantoms Of The Heart" arc is pretty slow but as a character story, this one is a winner.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #0- Of all the #0 so far, this one makes the most sense. After the destruction of the team in the last issue, this truly is a #0 as Kyle Rayner go through the motion of creating a new team to take on The Guardians. Not sure about Carol Ferris new uniform but I have no problem with her replacing Fatality as the Star Sapphire on the team. The about change of the Zamorans was interesting. Last I checked, their Queen sacrifice herself to keep the Star Sapphires going so I’m interested to know what changed their mind. A pretty solid issue whose numbering exactly made a lot of sense.

Justice League #0- I’m not sold on the Shazam back-ups in Justice League. Writer Geoff Johns’ has made a Billy Batson who is basically a young punk. I have no problem with that. The problem is I fail to see how Shazam affect the current Justice League series! This issue does not change that. The Pandora back-up feature also has the same problem. I just don’t see why either character is in a Justice League book outside the fact that they are in Justice League of Americawhich is a totally different book. This should be a Justice League of America #0, not a Justice League #0.

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