Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why The Surprise?

It is said that John Terry is English football's most hated son and there’s good reason for that. Despite been the captain of the English national team, Terry had displayed a series of shocking behavior throughout his career, not least of which was having an infamous affair with the girlfriend of his best friend and teammate Wayne Bridge.  
So you would think most people in England would be happy when he announced his international retirement from the England squad right? Not so! Terry has quit international play as he had been ordered to face a disciplinary hearing related to allegations of racist abuse directed at another player last season. Last season, he had a verbal clash with Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand where both parties traded insults. Amazingly (at least to me), the incident became a court case and a British court had to clear Terry of criminal charges. However the English F.A (Football Association), under public pressure, ordered Terry to face a disciplinary hearing on the incident.
Terry had decided that enough is enough and walked out of the England team.
I’m no fan of John Terry but how can anyone be seriously surprised by him walking out? The incident with Anton Ferdinand was a small issue (people trade terrible insults on the field all the time), he had been cleared by an English court but Terry still has to face a F.A hearing.
Who the hell would continue to play for the national team after that? If the England captaincy wasn’t such a prestigious post for a footballer, he would have walked out long ago. So not only should people not be surprised, they (that means you English F.A) should have expected this.

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