Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday!

Man, I am old! As in OLD!

I have no choice but to admit it because I can still remember the time when Street Fighter II first came to the arcade and I was looking at it wondering what the fuss was about. Well, the most famous fighting game in history just turned 25, so I am officially OLD!

It’s hard to believe but Street Fighter first came out in 1987. Of course, the franchise didn’t become a mega-hit till Street Fighter II came out but the original Street Fighter was the one that started the ball rolling. It’s amazing but till now, Street Fighter II’s controls (6 buttons, joystick movement) and gameplay (special moves, big cast of characters) are the base of almost all fighting games. That tells you how influential the game is.

Even right now when you go into an arcade, you can see people playing Street Fighter IV. So happy birthday Street Fighter!

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