Friday, September 28, 2012

Comics this week

Justice League Dark #0- Much like Earth 2 #0, writer Jeff Lemire used Justice League Dark #0 as a way to introduce the main villain of the series. The story starts with a young John Constantine landing in New York and getting a mentor of sorts. It’s a pretty good look at Constantine and his journey from novice to magical SOB. His relationship with Zatanna was also touched on, though I have to say the love triangle was almost too obvious. Still, this is one of the better #0 issue I read so far.

I, Vampire #0- One thing about the art of Andrea Sorrentino is how eerie and dark it is. In #0, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov gave her the perfect script to pump it up to 100. This is an origin story of how Andrew Bennett became a vampire and the intense art of Sorrentino fit it beautifully. The scene when Bennett first awoke as a vampire was horrifyingly chillingly intense and even though you know how the story will end, the art never allow you to leave to issue. One of the best issues you will find this week, this month, this year! 

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