Saturday, May 4, 2013

Comics this week

Earth 2 #12- By now, everyone is either in the “love it” or “hate it” camp of Earth 2. I’m in the “love it” column. Nicola Scott’s art has been consistently gorgeous and writer James Robinson’s willingness to take chances with the characters and the script has been a joy to read. Comics re-imagined characters all the time, but seldom have they the guts to change beloved characters as much as Earth 2 has. For that alone, it make me a fan.

Movement #1- I loved Gail Simone’s Secret Six series, so I picked up this issue as there were some similarities between the two and I am hoping lighting sticks twice. It might be a little too early but after reading #1, I must say I wasn’t all that impressed with it. The main problem with this issue I think was that Gail tried to cramp too much into an issue. You get your introductory screen for each character, what their powers were, what they were fighting for, who they were fighting against, and it was too much too soon. Not helping was the art from Freddie Williams II which has a gritty but busy quality. However this is just #1, so I’m hopeful Gail can turn things around because there are things here that seems very interesting. The concept of superpowered beings who are heroes but who cares nothing about the law is not new but the youth of the group makes this series different.

Artifacts #27- With this issue being on the search for The Glacier Stone, there was little doubt Michael Finnegan was going to show up. However what the series truly lack is artist Stjepan Sejic. The series truly missed him and tried as he might, replacement artist Marco Turini just can’t match Sejic’s level of work.

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