Friday, May 10, 2013

Comics this week

Justice League of America #3- After 2 so-so issues, this issue showed just how good and promising Justice League of America could be. The main reason is that writer Geoff Johns has decided to dump the ensemble cast for an issue and focus on one main character. In this issue, it's Catwoman and everything works! Johns' Catwoman is smart, clever, sassy, and wise-cracks like the feline she's supposed to be. Without question, this has been best issue so far and the art of David Finch fits the dark villain focus of this issue perfectly.  Even the backup story which focus on Catwoman and Martian Manhunter was excellent. More issues with this kind of quality and JLA will give its' two sister teams series a good run for their money.

Green Lantern Corps #20- Everyone now knows I haven't been that impressed with the “Warth of The First Lantern” crossover. However my low view of the crossover has now went off the deep end because somehow DC had managed to release this issue before Green Lantern #20! In case you do not know; Green Lantern #20 was supposed to be the end of the “Warth of The First Lantern” crossover while Green Lantern Corps #20 is the epilogue. Yes; I have the epilogue but there's no sight of the end of the crossover. And comics companies wonder why readers hate crossovers! 

Demon Knights #20- Ever since writer Robert Venditti took over the series, it has been swinging from good to bad. This issue of Demon Knights is strictly in the "good" section. The issue starts with the Knights resting in Themyscira after the battle against Cain's vampire horde. From there, there's a journey to the library of the Amazons before a trip to an unchartered island for the Holy Grail. Of course, there's a monster with tentacles on the island who they have to kill. In short, this issue is pure fantasy goodness. For once, I feel Venditti got a good handle on the characters with the interplay between the Knights being excellent and the humor shining through. The art from Chad Harden works well with the story. In short, the Demon Knights are back!

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