Thursday, May 30, 2013

Comics this week

Earth 2 Annual #1- This is false advertising. Yes, I know the Batman of Earth 2 did make his debut in the annual but seriously, he should not be on the cover because this annual is not about him. It is about Captain Atom (?), Al Pratt. The false advertising is kind of disappointing because I found this issue to be excellent. The backstory of Pratt was interesting with the slow evolution of his mental state both sad and understandable. He should be the guy on the cover, not Batman!  

Justice League of America #4- Now that was a surprise! The end of this issue was shocking and while I convinced writer Geoff Johns will pull a rabbit out of the hat (somehow), I must say I did not expect the last scene of the main story. Artist David Finch had another excellent issue and after a so-so start, this JL spin-off had been on a tear in the last 2 issues. And the hint on who the main villain is…very, very interesting.

Justice League Dark #20- I missed picking up this issue last week and had to get it now. I'm still wondering if I should have bothered. With the Trinity War crossover coming, all the JL titles are trying to set the stage for it with varying degree of success. JL Dark has had the worst of it. The main problem is that JL Dark is a team of magic-users which ties poorly with the other 2 superhero JL teams. The guest-star of the Flash in this story highlighted this problem. I give credit where it’s due; writer Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes did their best and put together a story that for the most part work. However, the Flash still struck out like a sore thumb among the swords and spells. Which make me question how these 3 JL teams will fare together in the crossover.

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