Thursday, May 16, 2013

Comics this week

Threshold #5- To be honest, I have no interest whatsoever in the new Larfleeze series. However after reading the backup story of this series, I have to say my interest has been quipped. The mini-adventure of Larfleeze and his long-suffering butler Stargrave has been a hoot and I dare say it has overshadowed the main “Hunted” story. It has been so good and funny, I find myself thinking of buying Larfleeze #1 next month. So writer Keith Griffen can pat himself on the back; mission accomplished!

Constantine #3- I admit when I first heard DC was going to cancel Hellblazer and put Constantine in the New 52, part of me thought the new series was going to crash and burn. 3 issues in however and I have been pleasantly surprised. The new Constantine is still a lying self-centered bastard but if anything, this new version is even more devious and manipulative than the old version. In short, DC dialed up everything that makes Constantine such a great character! Even if you’re not a fan, this series is really different than any of the New 52. For that alone, I expect it to have a good long run. 

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