Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comics this week (Part 2)

Yes, so many of my series came out this week I had to spilt my weekly reviews in two. Don't worry, 2 of my regular series ends this week (Threshold & Demon Knights) so it's unlikely to ever happen again.

Astro City #3- The story of Marella, call center operator of the Honor Guard, continues! Where else but in Astro City would you read a story like that? The quirky little story by writer Kurt Busiek closes this issue and since this is Astro City, the ending is uplifting with a neat little bow on it. Frankly, the end was almost too neat but the story is so unique it doesn’t matter. 3 issue in, and Astro City already has got a niche for itself!

Threshold #8- After 8 crazy issues, Threshold is coming to a close with writer Keith Griffen closing the story in the same crazy way the series has been from the start. There’s a lot of gaping holes in the finish (what happened to Lonar for example) but on the whole, the finish was done as well as Griffen could have made it. He even left some openings in the end for other writers to play with; Jediah Caul’s supposed death; Hawkin’s shooting of Caul; the new series that’s replacing The Hunted…Threshold has been a fun series, if only DC would have kept with it for a while longer.

Constantine #6- After the ill-timed “Trinity War” tie-in last issue, writers Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes now have the unenviable task of finding gold in that muck. Needless to say, the result is less than stellar. Hopefully the series will get back on track once the nuisance of the “Trinity War” is over. Wait…after this is the “Forever Evil” event! Oh God, when will it ever end?  

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