Saturday, August 10, 2013

Comics this week

Earth 2 #15- Many times already, I have mentioned how ambitious writer James Robinson has been with Earth 2. I loved his willingness and guts to re-imagined beloved characters like Alan Scott into something different, but like I mentioned before also; sometimes Robinson is too ambitious for his own good. This was what happened in this issue. Robinson has to juggle 3 threads in this issue and it was 1 too many. The fight between the Terrors and the teams of the World Government and the Wonders was just too one-sided to be exciting and I have the feeling that this was because Robinson had to leave space for the threads. Nicola Scott did what she could but even her art, gorgeous as it is, can’t save the issue. Not for the first time, there just wasn’t enough pages for everyone.

Green Lantern #23- When writer Robert Venditti took over, Hal Jordon was quickly left in charge of the Green Lantern Corps. I thought it was a bad idea because Hal is no leader. I’m glad to see that Venditti has the same idea. In this issue, Hal had a go at his injured Lanterns and then decided to go after an escaped criminal on his own against the better judgment of his senior officers. If this issue proves anything, it is how bad of a leader Hal Jordon really is. His hotdog character just isn’t suitable for a leadership role, much less one in a galaxy wide police force, and Venditti hit it on the spot. The art of Billy Tan conveyed everything well because the face of Hal when he discovered just how deep he is in. Now if only Venditti can bring back Simon Baz and B’dg. 

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