Saturday, August 31, 2013

Comics this week

Batman/Superman #3- I have a new title for this series. It should be called “The Kitchen Sink”! Writer Greg Pak has created a story that has 2 Supermans, 2 Batmans, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Catwoman, Darkseid, and even Batman and Superman as kids! Back by the art of Jae Lee & Yildiray Cinar, and you get a series that is literally taking no chances in trying to be a hit. So far, it's working!

New Avengers #9- As a tie-in of “Infinity”, the latest Marvel crossover, I expected the normal problems with tie-ins. What I did not expect was that I am expected to know the story of the series before jumping in! Writer Jonathan Hickman is also the writer for Infinity and it seem he expect readers to know the ongoing story of New Avengers before picking up this issue. I don’t collect New Avengers and readers who are like me will probably have the same issue I had; I don’t quite get some of the happenings in this issue. Atlantis is destroyed? Really? I didn’t know that. It’s too bad because the art by Mike Deodato is wonderful and the story seems interesting but unless you read New Avengers regularly, you will not fully get this issue.

Justice League #23- Man, what a waste of a good start! When the Trinity War started, I had such high hopes for it. Writer Geoff Johns put together a nice story that linked the various Justice League teams together nicely, and artist Ivan Reis put in some great work. Then in the latter half of the crossover, everything fell apart. Instead of a fitting conclusion, what we got was a crossover that’s more interested in setting “Villains Month” then telling a good story. Sad ending after such a bright start.

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