Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Comics this week

Infinity #1- After the lackluster Age of Ultron, Infinity is the latest Marvel event. Right from the start, it seem Marvel learned their lesson by making sure Infinity has a villain worth its weight; Thanos! The Mad Titan made his return in Infinity and writer Jonathan Hickman hit the ground running.  Hickman has many moving pieces in the story with a race of cosmic beings called the Builders ravaging worlds of the Kree, the Skrull and the Galador. Then he added in the Illuminati, the Inhumans, the White Events, the World Incursions, and of course Thanos and his forces! Amazingly, even to someone who don't read the Avengers, Hickman managed to pull it off. The pacing of the issue was excellent with one part of the story joining to another relatively seamlessly and artist Jim Cheung making the most of the story by showing off some beautiful visuals. I agree with some critics that having 4 inkers in this issue is a problem on some of the pages, but overall I think the art works well with the story. I look forward to the rest of this series.  

Justice League of America #7- After two excellent starting issues, writer Geoff Johns has spend Part 3 and Part 4 of the Trinity War setting things up for the finish.  Frankly, that's 1 setup issue too many. Worse is the fact that something important happen off scene in The Phantom Stranger series! What happened will his team tried to speak to the soul of the dead Dr. Light? We don't know because this issue never say! All I can say is that this was a disappointing issue after such an excellent start.

Demon Knight #23- It's with a heavy heart that this is the last issue of Demon Knight. Ever since it was reported that the series was ending, you could see that writer Robert Venditti was trying to rush through the story. This issue was no different. Everywhere you see in this issue, you can see the rush work. The story jumps and the art by Phil Winslade was no better. This was a brutal issue and a sad end to the series. 

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