Thursday, March 6, 2014

Comics this week

Forever Evil #6- I think anyone who have even a passing knowledge of the Crime Syndicate knew who their prisoner was. As expected, the identity of the prisoner was Alexander Luthor...only this Luthor was much more brutal than any version of the past. I dig it. I also dig the confrontation between Johnny Quick and Captain Cold. Not only was the winner unexpected, writer Geoff Johns made it fun. Too bad he mishandled Batman so badly but I guess you can't have everything. Overall, this is still a very good issue.

Earth 2 #21- After last issue's great character moment for Red Tornado, writer Tom Taylor seem to be setting up the finale of his story as the World Army fall back in the face of Superman. We see the forces of the World Army (or what's left of it), Batman and Aquawoman came into contact with each other for the first time and also see what happened to Sloan, Mister Terrific and Mister Miracle. To be honest, even considering that this is a setup issue, this issue is not the best as there were just too many moving parts. However I can give Taylor a pass on this as the last few issues has been great. Looking forward to see how he finish the story.  

Moon Knight #1-I had been a fan of writer Warren Ellis since "Hellstrom: Prince of Lies" (yes, I am old), so  when I read that he was the new writer for Moon Knight, I thought the series is going to be great. Moon Knight and Ellis seem a great fit and this debut issue did not disappoint. This issue was a brilliant reintroduction to Marc Spector as Ellis worked his magic on the insane Marvel hero. The chief change Ellis did was that he tweaked the character's state of mind. Instead of an insane hero fighting the good fight, this Moon Knight is a man struggling tooth and nail to hold on to his sanity while his mind and body were invaded by an Egyptian god. It is a brilliant move that has a well of potential behind it. Add to this is the strange but strangely good art of Delcan Shalvey. Shalvey's work is dark but at the same time, it doesn't feel that way. His Moon Knight walked and posed through the issue with aplomb and at the looked through Spector's eyes and see the ghosts and madness in his mind. Scary and good; that's the best way to describe this excellent debut issue. 

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