Monday, March 3, 2014

Man, What A Defection!

Without a shot being fired, Russia has now taken over the Ukrainian region of Crimea. Facing that, the new Ukrainian government did what all governments did. They mobilized their army, called up reservists, and appoint a new Chief of Navy, Denys Berezovsky.

Who promptly defect to Crimea...aka Russia!

Wow! If there's any doubts Ukraine is a country divided, this really put that to the grave. The navy chief defects? Seriously? The new Ukrainian government appoint the man on Friday and he pledging allegiance to pro-Russian Crimea on Sunday? Wow!

If the West is going to back this Ukrainian government, then they better sent some serious help to them quickly. Thus their performance is not convincing (to say the least).


Anonymous said...

One should not be surprised by this turn of events. Over the last few decades, irridentist tendencies have taken over. The artificial lines drawn by imperialist forces in the last couple of centuries are being broken to reflect ground realities. Bangladesh, from Pakistan; the breaking up of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia.The current calls for breakaway states - Tibet,Souther Thailand, Kashmir, northern Iraq, Turkey,etc. This is a continuation of this process. We are still paying the price of imperialist adventures.

Ghost said...

I don't think it's a matter of imperial tendencies/adventures but simple geography. You want to join the EU while Russia is just next door? There was always going to be problems.