Friday, March 21, 2014

Comics this week

Ms. Marvel #2- The new Ms. Marvel has proven itself in this second issue that it's more than a marketing tools for Marvel. A lot of the news had been on the fact that the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, was a teenage Muslim girl named Kamala Khan but writer G. Willow Wilson has went beyond that. Not only did she make Kamala an interesting character, she also made Kamala a window into racism, heroism and family. The scene where Kamala turned into a blond-haired, boots-wearing superhero and realized how very uncomfortable she was as that character is brilliant. Special praise has to be given to artist Adrian Alphona who managed to capture her confusion and sadness beautifully. The writing and plotting in this issue was great, but his work made it special. That's how good this issue was. However, the problem with this title is that since #1, Marvel has released another Ms. Marvel #1,only this series star Carol Denver. You cannot have 2 Ms. Marvel titles on the stand showing 2 different characters using the same name, specially they are from the same time period. Marvel need to chose a new name for Kamala Khan, and they need to do it in a hurry.


Anonymous said...

Carol Danvers is CAPTAIN Marvel now, so the name issue between her and Kamala is already resolved.

Ghost said...

I disagree with the notion that the issue is resolved. When you look at the cover of an issue, the word "Marvel" is big and bold while the Ms/Cap is less than half its size. I know its early days but Kamala is a strong enough character for her to have her own superhero name. There's no need to piggyback on the Ms. Marvel name.