Wednesday, March 16, 2016

By-Election in Bukit Batok

With the resignation of Member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Batok David Ong, the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) has lost another MP due to ‘personal indiscretion’. He follows former Speaker of Parliament Micheal Palmer who resigned in 2012.

This proves what I had been saying all along; political parties should not force their MPs to resign due to affairs. It is just stupid.

Now I won't say there is no ground for it, but these people were elected by the people of Singapore and I strongly believe their fate should be decided at the ballot box and nowhere else. I said this when opposition MP Yaw Shin Leong was forced to resign by the Worker's Party (WP), I said this when Michael Palmer was forced to do the same thing by the PAP, and I will do so again now.

Most Singaporeans do not care about the infidelity of their MPs. So what if David Ong is married with 3 kids, that is his domestic situation. As long as it does not affect his work, I personally don't care if he has a whole harem on the side. Yes, the PAP is reaping what it sown for stupidly attacking the WP in 2012 but I would think they should have learn their lesson when they lost Punggol East after the resignation of Michael Palmer. 

The plus this time for them is that Bukit Batok is widely considered a stronghold for the PAP. Still, this is a by-election and the opposition tend to do better in them. Stranger things has happened before in by-elections. 


Ah Meng said...

NO, David Ong did the right thing by resigning. The issue is not the irrelevance of his morality in his work as an MP but the endless chatter of the scandal which would have distracted David from functioning as an MP.

Social media, added by a opposition supporters, would have covered the family crisis on a daily basis, even if David had not resigned. Mainline media would have followed suit and the never ending chatter would have caused grief to both families. There is no way that David Ong could have continued to function as an MP with this dark cloud hanging over his head. David would not have been able to face people at the meet the people session without dealing with his own sense of shame and failure. The same would happen if he gave a speech in Parliament. Everyone's mind would not be on his speech but on the details of his indiscretion.

It is naive to think that political parties, both the ruling party and the opposition, will not exploit their opponents weaknesses in social media.

Ghost said...

Shouldn't the people in Bukit Batok be the ones that decide that? They voted for David Ong last year and I'm a firm believer that only they should have the power to kick him out.