Monday, March 28, 2016

Comics this week

Birthright #15- Thus far, the main story in Birthright has been the story of the Rhodes. The family was fractured with the disappearance of their eldest son Mikey and when he returned, now as a Conan-like warrior, the family were too splintered to come together. Writer Joshua Williamson didn't think that's enough because in this issue, he reveals another family member to spice things up for the Rhodes. I must admit the identity of the family member surprised me but I can get behind the idea. It will definitely make things even more interesting going forward. 

Illuminati #5- After last issue's surprising betrayal by The Mad Thinker, the Illuminati are now in a jam struck behind enemy lines in Asgard. With their initial mission to steal weapons from the Asgardian armory gone along with The Mad Thinker, the team just want to get out. Writer Joshua Williamson use the issue to reveal several facts about the various characters like the location of Hood’s hideout and the fact that the team’s Enchantress was a fake. The series is fun though I worry about the next issue; a tie-in with Stand-Off, Marvel’s latest event story. We all know how that usually turns out.

Superman: Lois and Clark #6- I read on the net and one reviewer had this opening for this issue; “Another month, another great Superman: Lois and Clark issue.” I can’t say anything better than that. Writer Dan Jurgens clearly really loves Superman and knows what button to push to get the best out of the character. That opening with how Superman and Lois teamed up to find her missing editor Cora was beautifully written. It is only overshadowed by the explosive ending that just leave me wanting more. The next issue can’t come fast enough for me. Pick this series up, it’s easily the best Superman series on the stand right now.  

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