Thursday, March 17, 2016

Comics this week

Astro City #33- What an issue! I know I’m a broken record by now saying Astro City is great but this issue show why writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson are so highly regarded. Steeljack’s walk down memory lane is nothing short of superb. His talk on the roof with old partner-in-crime Cutlass is easily one of the best thing I had ever read in Astro City, and that’s saying something. The only problem I have is that Busiek has sort of foretold the ending of this arc with all the introduction of kids and grandkids of Astro City’s old villains. However the brilliance of the story cannot be overstated. This issue is that good.

Injection #8- I said before that Vivek Headland is Ellis' love letter to Sherlock Holmes, only darker and more unbalanced. Now we have a character who is mentioned as this world’s Doctor Who, and another who could be a James Bond-like character. Slowly writer Warren Ellis’ version of the world is coming into existence and I love it! Of course having an artist like Declan Shalvey helping you doesn’t hurt but this series is getting more and more interesting for me. Considering how much I love the ending of the first arc, that’s saying something.

Monstress #4- This series started with a band. The debut issue was one of the best debut I had ever read and I have been reading comics for over 20 years. Since then however, writer Marjorie Liu has been slowly drawing out the world Maika is living in. This issue shreds some more light on the backstory of the world and show that the monster inside Maika might not be the worst thing around. War makes monsters of all of us and Liu had no problems showing us that. Killing and torturing kids for information? Sometimes the monster that looks normal is more terrifying than the real monster. 

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