Friday, March 4, 2016

Hell No!

What happen when you give Americans power in the world of football? You get nonsense like how "big" clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are more "deserving" of being in the Champions League than clubs like Leicester City, even if Leicester City wins the EPL (English Premier League).

Charlie Stillitano, chairman of Relevent Sports, practically openly said this after meeting representatives of five of the biggest Premier League clubs to discuss a new structure for Europe's top club competition. According to Mr. Stillitano, teams that generate most of the revenues in the sport deserve to be in the top competition, no matter where they finish in their domestic league.

Sorry but that is total nonsense. Is Mr. Stillitano saying that Chelsea, which is currently 10th in the EPL, deserve to be in the Champions League more than the winner of the EPL? That would only make sense to an American with their crazy sporting system of tanking seasons (with a S) to get good lottery picks positions. Do you know the New York Knicks is considered a "top" team in the NBA even though they haven't the title since 1973?

Do you want that in football? Hell no!

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