Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Comics this week

Illuminati #6- Color me surprised, this tie-in with Stand-Off is nowhere near as bad as I had feared. Writer Joshua Williamson used the event as a) a way to give us an insight into The Absorbing Man and b) a fun potential pairing between him and Elektra and c) an issue that might give The Hood a way to increase the membership of the Illuminati. Good issue.

Monstress #5- Who are the Ancients? What is an Arcanic? Well, after 5 issues, writer Marjorie Liu finally decides to spill some of the beans. In the last page of this series, the background of the Monstress world is given and it is every bit as interesting and as deep as I suspected. This is a bit of a setup issue but that doesn’t stop it from being interesting. More info about this strange world is a good thing in my view.

Moon Knight #1- Moon Knight was one of those series that should have never been closed. The previous series was great but Marvel with their dumb policy of having a #1 every other years closed it down. So this new series has a lot to live up to and it seems Marvel knows it because they got Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood to helm it. The team got a strong first issue out of the blocks but I’m more interested to see if this series got staying power. It’s getting harder and harder to be excited about all these new #1. 

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