Thursday, April 7, 2016

Comics this week

Bloodlines #1- This is a miniseries set in the DC Universe where a meteor crashes to Earth, bringing an alien presence to a nearby small town. After reading it, I think writer J. T. Krul and artist: V Kenneth Marion may be fans of Wildstorm because…well, the main character looked a lot like the alien species Maul belongs to. What is surprising to me is the general dark horror tone the debut issue takes. There had been horror and science-fiction mash-ups before but the balance is usually hard to find. Hopefully these guys can find it.

Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1- The epic train called "Darkseid War" continues as writer Geoff Johns shines the light on one of the most mysterious character in the war; Darkseid's daughter, Grail! This is both the origin issue of Grail as well as a setup of her future. Saying this is an excellent issue is kind of beside the point because this is a Darkseid War Special. Of course it will be good; this is a Darkseid War Special! Buy it!

Spider-Women Alpha #1- With the Web Warriors now pretty much an official team, I guess this crossover was inevitable.  Alpha kicks off a crossover that will go through the 3 female Spiders titles currently on the stand; Silk, Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen. I must say this first issue was surprisingly entertaining. The story basically kicks off from where the regular series ends with each character having their own problems and Jessica Drew trying to playing big-sister/mentor to both Cindy Moon and Gwen Stacey. This issue gives me hope that this 8-part universe hopping crossover is not the money-grabbing exercise I feared when I first heard of it. 

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