Thursday, April 21, 2016

Comics this week

Astro City #34- Okay, I will admit it. After the great setup in #33, this issue ended the Steel jack story arc on a whimper instead of a bang. In some ways, I felt that writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson were trying too hard for a happy ending for the ex-bruiser but in other ways, I could understand why they did it. You just want to root for the hard lucked Steeljack and the ending will bring a smile to anyone’s lips. Another notch in this great series.

Gutter Magic #4- After 4 issues of running through a gauntlet of opponents, Cinder got an offer from the Morgue that may be too good to pass up. He did however and though I initially thought it wasn’t in keeping with his character, the final page of this miniseries showed me otherwise. That last page also makes me think writer Rich Douek intend to continue the journey of Cinder and Blacktooth in the future. A satisfying conclusion to the series with the promise of more good things to come; there are worse endings. Buy it. 

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