Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Comics this week

Astro City #38- After the greatness of the last issue, I must say I’m a little let down by this follow-up. Writer Kurt Busiek moved the story to the soaring 20s but instead of the epic in the previous issue, he decided to focus on the heroine, Jazzbaby. Not a bad issue by any stretch of the imagination but after the epic of Silverstring and Mister Cakewalk, this was a climb-down. Instead of great, this issue is merely good. Yes, I know this is a little unfair but that’s just how good Astro City has been!

Birthright #19- When Birthright first began, the issues would always spilt between the current story and flashbacks to Mikey’s life on the fantasy world of Terrenos. It was a good idea that overstayed it’s welcome. Writer Joshua Williamson has cut down on the flashbacks in recent issues and that was a welcome move. The flashback is back this issue, and perhaps because absence makes the heart grow fonder, it worked.  The flashback this issue was on the Mages’ decision to abandon the war against Lore and the reasons behind their decisions. For the first time in awhile, the flashbacks was exactly more important and better than the current action. Good work!

Superwoman #2- Was this issue rushed? I had to ask because some of the art in this issue by artist Matt Santorelli sure looked that way! On the whole, the art in this issue was pretty good but on certain pages and scenes, it jumped up at you. That was too bad because the story by writer Phil Jimenez was very solid. Several new characters were introduced to roundup the supporting cast of Lana Lang and I could see most of them adding value to the proceedings. So far so good in my view. 

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