Friday, September 23, 2016

Comics this week

Trinity #1- Do we need another series on team of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman? DC thinks so and in the hands of writer and artist Francis Manapul, they seem to have something here. With the New 52 Superman dead, Manapul offer a debut that give us an in-depth look into the emotions of what is basically a new Trinity. How would Batman and Wonder Woman deal with this new Superman who comes with his own family and a son that has his powers? Looks fun.

Justice League #5- “Extinction Machines” had an interesting hook but the double play by writer Bryan Hitch basically ruined the story and I’m afraid the conclusion did not help at. At the end of this concluding chapter, nothing was resolved and we only have our heroes’ word that’s the battle is over. Considering how good the previous JL series was, I hope DC is not going to regret rebooting this series. 

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