Saturday, May 5, 2007

Comics this week

52: Week 52- This is it! The final installment of 52 is finally here. First off, let's talk about this issue. This week focuses on Rip Hunter, Booster Gold and Supernova's fight to save all of time and space from Mr. Mind. Yes, I know. Booster Gold and Supernova are the same person, read the book to get the twist. As someone who hates time-travel stories, the twist here isn't that bad.
But the main reason for this issue is to re-establish the Multiverse. The writers limit the Multiverse to 52 different Earths, Earth 3 is the earth with the Crime Syndicate of America; Kingdom Come is Earth 22; Wildstorm is Earth 50 etc. For this reason, this issue will go down in comics history. But the Multiverse came into being because of Mr.Mind? That just do not seems right. Anyone remember the time when he was just a small little bug? He's the reason for all the different Earths?
However, this is the last issue of 52 and the series was great. Not only were the stories good (for the most part), it was also on time! (You heard that Jim Lee and Wildstorm? Where the hell is my Wildcats #2?) Here's looking at Countdown.

Avengers: The Initiative #2- The Marvel Universe is a different place after Civil War, and this title will show you how. A Texas team was fighting an evenly match enemy, so what do they do? They call for more heroes. This is where the issue come into trouble. If you have over 70% of the Marvel superheroes to call, will you call in the new recruits? Some of which never even fired a weapon before? When this was noticed by Cloud 9, what was the Gauntlet's answer. "It's just like Halo. Point and click." That's it! That's the answer you give to a new recruit who have never been in a firefight before? Before she was about to risk her life without even basic training? I thought the reason for the Initiative was because they wanted the Marvel U to make more sense? If this is the best Dan Slott has, this book is in big trouble.

Loners #2- This issue wasn't really about the would-be former heroes but a Ricochet issue. As someone who have no idea who Ricochet is (that's how obscure some of these characters are), this issue is great. We get to know what powers Ricochet has, why he wanted to quit being a hero and why at end of this issue, he's back in costume. The only problem is that the issue deal only with Ricochet. We hardly seen Lightspeed, Turbo or the rest of the Loners. I hope C.B. Cebulski isn't making the same mistake that Warren Ellis is making with Thunderbolts, spotlighting on single characters instead of the team as a whole. When I read a team book, I want to see at least some interaction between the members. That's the least I can expect right? Hope that will come in the later issues.

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