Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A sad story

An sad accident happened in Singapore. One woman was killed when a raintree in the Bukit Batok Nature Reserve collapsed on her due to the rain. 43-year-old Madam Ho Siew Lan take the route for her morning walk. The tree which fell on her, killed her on the spot.

Coming just a few days after Mother's Day, this was indeed an sad accident.

However, I feel that this was all it was. An accident. There are some calls that the National Environment Agency (NEA) or the Singapore Government should pay the family due to the fact that the tree was under NEA care. I am sorry but even I, a Singapore government critic, think that's going too far. No one want this unfortunate incident to happen and it is a pure accident.

Let's not over-react here. Asking the Singapore government to pay due to this incident, is just not right.

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