Sunday, May 27, 2007

UNSW not the only one at fault

The University of New South Wales(UNSW) saga refuse to die. Students affected by its Singapore campus closure were given a $22,000 annual scholarship to study at UNSW’s Sydney campus.

But the 400 students want something else; they want answers! They want to know why was the sudden decision to close the campus taken. Only one problem with that. It wasn't that sudden.

The Singapore Strait Times reported that the Australian university, citing bottom-line concerns and a lack of demand, was in talks with the Economic Development Board (EDB) since last year on the closeure of the campus.

This means that EDB, which helped bring UNSW here in 2004, had warning for over 5 months on the closure. How can they not say anything? The EDB said that it is facilitating discussions between UNSW and local universities to find alternatives for those students affected. That is damage-control. I want to know is how can they keep quiet about the closure for 5 months. The UNSW had told them that the campus was in danger already, why didn't the EDB at the very least gave some warning to the students on the matter. Now the students are left without a school for the year. UNSW was in the wrong here, but the EDB must take some heat for this. The closure came as a surprise for the students, you cannot say that for the EDB. They knew of this, or had warning of this, since last year and did nothing!

I want to know why didn't they say something to the students on this. That is an answer I am just dying to hear.

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