Friday, May 11, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown #51- I pick this one up due to the great 52 series. After all, that's all you have as no one knows what DC is counting down to. There was a chance DC was merely trying to keep the weekly momentum going after 52, but the opening scene between Darkseid and Desaad manipulating figurines of DC heroes around a board lay some of the concerns to rest. Having said that, some things in the issue need explaining. Mary Marvel lost her powers? When did that happen? And isn't the Red Hood (Jason Todd) a bad guy? Why is he fighting crime? Still this series is bold. To produce and coordinate an epic, weekly series within DC's regular monthly titles. That's intriguing to say the least. That's enough to get me onboard, here's hoping another star like Black Adam can come out of this series.

Nova #2- There's hope yet. The first issue of this series was disappointing to me, but this issue was great. Nova's return to Earth was wonderful. Nova returns home for the first time since well before the Civil War and the issue was remarkable in showing how out of the loop Richard Rider is. He didn't know of the New Warriors' death and the effect it had on America. Hell, I doubt he even know Captain America is dead. Nova was once in the superhero community, so the Initiative affect him in significant ways. We see some interesting interaction between Nova and his parents. How do you feel if you see an alien super-computer take over the body of your son? It was funny in a tragic sort of a way. And then there was Tony Stark's Initiative forces showing up on his parents' doorstep. Nova threatening Iron Man? Richard Rider sure have moved up in life. Nova coming to grips with the loss of his friends and the unfamiliar world before him was great, but the best part was his talk with former teammate Justice. That was just the icing on the cake. There's hope yet.

Samurai: Heaven and Earth 2 #4- This is a book full of potential which never got going. Showing a samurai going around the world, chasing after his lady love has provided some memorable moments, mostly due to Luke Ross's superb artwork. However, the flashbacks are unneeded as usual and can we please get to the killing already. I didn't wait 2 months for this book to see...nothing happening. Boring.

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