Thursday, April 3, 2008

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #4- I know a lot of people having being knocking down the series over the internet, and I have to say this, “This series deserve it!” I mean what else can you say after turning powerless Mary to Black Mary to Mary Marvel and now back to Black Mary? It made no sense to me (or anyone reading the book) when Black Mary turned to Mary Marvel, but that was almost logical compare to this week’s nonsense. Darkseid showed up, gave a pep talk and behold, Black Mary again. Not for the first time I have to ask, “What the hell were the writers thinking?”

Secret Invasion #1- This is it, “the Marvel event of the year”. I give you that a secret invasion from shape-shifting Skrulls is a good idea, but after the “World War Hulk” event last year, I don’t know why everyone is looking forward to this. The main idea is that Skrulls have infiltrated Earth, kidnapping important figures in the superhuman community and replaced them. Good idea, but if all the heroes that came out of the Skrull ship at the end of this issue are real, I will be one unhappy reader. Because this means that the writers can just rewrite all the heroes from before Civil War. None of their actions during the past matters because they were all done by Skrulls! Hopefully writer Brian Michael Bendis isn’t going for such a cop-out, but somehow I get a bad feeling on this.

Project Superpowers #2- Alex Ross is a big name in comics and when his name is associated with Project Superpowers, a lot of fans will pick up the series just on his name. This is a good thing as this series is on a group of public domain characters which almost no one has heard of. The series remade them for our time and so far…it’s good. Surprising good as I don’t know almost any character on show here. However good art by Carlos Paul and solid writing by Alex Ross & Jim Krueger make me car for the characters more than I thought I would. Look out for a scene of the Black Terror crying on the mountain top. They also managed to get me interested in the rest of the cast, not an easy thing to do as characters (like Samson) only showed up for all of 4 pages. Pick this one up for an interesting ride.

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