Monday, April 28, 2008

Very Necessary

The Singapore government says that it is prepared to do more to soften the impact of rising food prices in the next Budget…if necessary.

If necessary? Singapore’s inflation has just soared to 26-year highs, and the government is wondering if Singaporeans need help to cope with rising prices? Rising costs of housing and food has eaten into the budgets of most Singaporeans already, and prices are not coming down anytime soon. Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong himself has said that global food prices have spiked by 43 per cent since 2006 and he believe food prices will remain high in the next year or so. Surely those are indications that Singaporeans will need help. Where does “if necessary” come into it?

Singaporeans are already feeling the pinch with low income families being the most affected, so why not help them now? The government has steadily increased the Goods and Services Tax for the past few years; surely it’s not too much to ask for some extra help now. After all, with the good “co—operation” between employers, unions and government, it’s not like our pay is going to go up anytime soon.

To me, help is very necessary.

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