Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Stupidity of the Chinese Protests against France

For the past few days, I read the reports of Chinese protests against France with disbelief. Disbelief because the protests are over Tibet and the Beijing Olympics. Surely the Chinese people knows the world is with Tibet in this?

I mean the world see this case as the 200-pound gorilla that is China against the tiny non-violent "we-want-to-talk-peace" monks of Tibet. Is there any questions who the world will more likely support?

Not to mention the sheer stupidity of the Chinese demonstrators. They are calling for a boycott of French superstore Carrefour. Only one problem, Carrefour make most of their products in China! So basically the Chinese demonstrators are calling for boycotts on products made in China. That make sense to you?

The Chinese people need to understand one important thing. The Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has claim several times that he want to talk peacefully with the Chinese government, and he has been publicly rejected by the Chinese government who has called the Dalai Lama everything from a traitor to a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Why all these protest against France? The protests in China followed noisy anti-China demonstrations in London, Paris and San Francisco that have marred the international Beijing Olympic torch relay. Why not protest against the US and UK as well? If you want to be stupid, at least be fair in your stupidity!

This lead people (including me) to believe that Chinese government officials has a hand in the Carrefour protests. France OK, but not against US and UK. I know it's nothing but speculation, but if it's true, the Chinese government better think twice about it. The protests are just making China look worse than they already are.


Anonymous said...

I challenge the Chinese noveau riche to burn all their Louis Vuitton bags!

Onlooker said...

They Should stop driving those made in France Automobile too.
And the Product I will most definitely boycott is drumroll The "Ba Wang" 霸王 sham poo as recommended by Jackie Chan.
I rather use organic from Malaysia, truly Asia or Thailand.

Ghost said...

And no more champagne for weddings. No more champagne to toast. Wondering how they do without champagne during the Oly Games?

Anonymous said...

the first group protested out of years of repression. it wanted to reclaim lost dignity.

the second group basically got nothing better to do protested out of an inferiority complex.